Alberi Senza Radici

Michelle Bonev autobiographical novel "Alberi senza radici" was published in 2003 by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.a.
The book reveals to its readers the complex and hard fought story of the authoress, the sotry of a life marked by numerous encounters and ups and down.
We are taken from her poverty - striken childhood in Bulgaria, where she dreamt of a different life, to the international jet - set and the world of fashion and the cinema, up to official recognition as a star by the world of television in Italy, the country that had become her second homeland.
This book is not only a fascinating read, but also a story that stands as an excellent example of a young woman who fights for the values that she believes in without letting events overwhelm her, welcoming, with open arms, all that life has to offer her.